Episode 7 - LIVE SHOW - Under The Influencers

October 15, 2018

As part of the Dublin Podcast Festival we recorded our first ever live show. 

After a rockey 12 months, we revisited the world of influencer marketing in Ireland and where the future is going. 

Cormac joined illustator, author and comedian Aoife Dooley, fitness expert and author John O'Connell and Andrew Murray director of Social Media and Content at TBWA. 

The call out culture, the scams, the health and fitness dangers and more were all discussed in front of a live audience in the Sound House in Dublin. 

Episode 6 - Designer Babies, CRISPR & Genetic Engineering

July 6, 2018
Are designer babies going to become a reality in the near future? Will you someday be able to upgrade your own DNA, purely for enhancement and cosmetic reasons? What will be some of the ethical implications along with that and what exactly is genetic engineering technology like CRISPR actually being used for today? 
On this episode Cormac speaks to former NASA employee and biohacker Josiah Zayner who sells CRISPR DNA kits for use at home, Director for the Centre for Genetics and Society Marcy Darnovsky talks about the ethical implications involved, Director of Communications from the Centre for Genetics and Society Kevin Doxzen about gene editing to save chocolate and assistant Professor from Trinity College Dublin's Immunology and Biochemistry Department Dr. Vincent Kelly, about where and how the technology is actually being used today. 

Episode 5 - Trial By Social Media

January 14, 2018

In episode 5, Trial By Social Media, we ask is online public shaming a necessary outlet to allow people to seek some form of justice, when traditional legal channels have failed them? 

Or is it a dangerous return to uncivilised witch hunting? Is there a risk to your presumption of innocence? Could the guilty get off by not being able to receive a fair trial?

Should mobs of people, often reacting online to nothing more than the headlines, have a say in shouting for some form of justice?

Those questions and more are asked in the latest episode, Trial By Social Media.

Featuring on this episode:






UNCUT: Noeline Blackwell CEO of The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

December 21, 2017


This is an interview I had with Noeline Blackwell, CEO of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC). I interviewed her for episode 5, about online shaming and the explosion of allegations and accusations that came out online against people in 2017.

For the first time in this series, I thought it was important that I release the entire interview unedited and uncut, as the amount of important information in it needed to be heard. 

Noeline speaks about the impact things like the #MeToo campaign had online for the DRCC and for victims here in Ireland and adds a huge amount of context as to why many feel the need to share their stories online. 

She talks about false allegation rates, unreported incidents and how few of those reported cases even wind up resulting in a conviction. 

Episode 5 will be out early January, but until then enjoy this important conversation, thank you for the support in 2017, have a fantastic xmas and I'll speak to you in the New Year. 

For support or more information about the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre visit drcc.ie or call their 24 hour helpline on 1800-77-88-88. 


Episode 4 - Why Do We Get Offended?

December 6, 2017

Why do we get offended? What's the biological basis for it and what are some of the social pros and cons to being morally outraged?

Or, in this 21st century, are we becoming too emotional, hyper senstitive and far too easily offended?

Featuring in this episode is James Damore, the former Google employee who wrote the infamous Google Memo on diversity, Professor Stephanie Preston a psychologist from the University of Michighan, Dr Zachary Rothschild who has researched extensively into moral outrage, The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, comedian, actress and writer Tara Flynn and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Shawn Smith. 

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Episode 3 - Coming Over Here Takin’ Our Jobs

October 26, 2017

Is your job safe from automation, artificial intelligence and robotics?

In episode 3, Cormac speaks to a range of experts about those issues. About the fear mongering, the panic and whether or not any of it is justified. 

Featuring on this episode;

Dr Heather Knight who invented the world's first stand up comedy robot.

Paul Roehrig, Head of Cognizant's digital business and author of the best selling book 'What To Do When Machines Do Everything".

Alex Salkever, Former Mozilla VP of marketing and author of the long-listed Financial Times best business book of 2017 "Driver in the Driverless Car".

Dr Irving Wladasky Berger, a 37 year veteran of IBM and visiting professor at MIT.

TEASER: Episode 3 - Coming Over Here Takin’ Our Jobs

October 11, 2017

Is your job going to be taken by a robot and will the automation of the workforce create a jobless dystopian future? 

Here's the teaser for episode 3 in the Project 10 Podcast series.

Episode 2 - Planet of the Influencers

July 24, 2017

In the online world, there has been an explosion in the amount of people claiming to be 'Influencers'. However, what exactly is an influencer, what do they do, do they make any money and why are so many people growing frustrated with the entire practice of 'influencer marketing' online?

This episode explores the growing world of influencers and delves into the psychology of influence itself. Psychologists, media CEOs, medical doctors and self proclaimed 'influencers' feature on this episode. 


Episode 1 - Legalising Drugs - Will It Finally End Violent Crime?

May 15, 2017

Will legalising drugs help put an end to the violent crime associated with it?

In this epsiode, Cormac Moore speaks to Corey Pegues, a former drug dealer turned NYC police chief, Irish economist David McWilliams, Dr Mark Thornton an expert on the economics of prohibition era America and Dr Connolly who conducted the largest ever research paper into the illicit drug market in Ireland. 



Project 10 Podcast - Intro Episode

May 15, 2017

Project 10 is an exciting documentary style series exploring a range of controverisal, topical and thought provoking ideas. 

From legalising drugs, to machines taking over our jobs to a world full of online influencers, Project 10 explores a variety of interesting ideas.

Hosted by Cormac Moore, the first episode is available to download right now and asks the question if we legalise drugs, would we reduce violent crime associated with it?

Former drug dealers, historical economists and expert researchers all voice their opinion on the first episode which is online ready to download right now.